BIBO filter pack

BIBO filter pack

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The BIBO filter pack comes with a year’s supply of filters, including two BIBO maxi filters and one BIBO UV lamp.

To continue enjoying premium water quality from your BIBO water bar, it is recommended to replace the maxi carbon filter every 6 months, and the ultraviolet lamp annually. 

Your BIBO classic’s interactive touch screen lets you know via a 10 day countdown when it needs a filter change. It’s so easy to change a filter-anyone can do it. No tools needed.

• Activated carbon block filter with 0.5 micron nominal

• Reduced chlorine and protozoan cysts by more than 90%

• UV lamp destroys water pathogens including bacteria, algae, viruses and mold, leaving microbiologically pure and 100% safe drinking water

• Simply remove the old filter or UV lamp, replace with new and remember to recycle in plastic and glass recycling bins accordingly.

• Once replaced, remember to reset your filter or UV lamp counter on the menu settings on the BIBO classic.